Dear FD sailors,


Short news for sailor and visitor of Nechranice Eurocup 2019. The road over the dam is closed! So bellow you find picture with 2 main ways how to arrive to the Yachtclub Nechranice:

1) If you arrive from northwest, the best ways it to go through Kadaň
2) If you arrive from southeast, the best ways it to go through Žatec

At this page you find essential information about International Czech Championship as part of Eurocup 2019. We will keep updating this webpage, so please check it once a while.

Registration has been opened! Please, fill your particulars in Eurocup 2019 Nechranice ENTRY FORM and see the list of participants.

1. Information for Competitors

Competition: Flying Dutchman Czech International Championship 2019.

International status of the competition: Eurocup

Date: From Friday 6 September 2019 till Sunday 8 September 2019

Schedule – important time/dates: Friday 0:00 registration end; Friday 12:00 Start of first race; Sunday 15:00 last possible start with 3 races completed; Sunday 13:00 last possible start with more than 4 races completed.

Venue: Yacht club Nechranice, Vikletice 37 (near city of Žatec), Czech Republic (same location as in 2017, 2018)

Entry fee: 2000 CZK / 80 € (includes space for an RV or a tent, gala dinner, dinner and a photo)

Notice of Race: Eurocup-2019-notice-of-race

Poster: to be assigned

Cover: to be assigned

Last year 2018 regatta: 32 boats participated from 6 countries (GER, POL, HUN, AUT, SUI, CZE). Read more about the race here

Accommodation near venue:

Rybářská bašta, Vikletice 2, 438 01 Chbany –

Hotel Holiday Centrum, Vikletice 7, 438 01 Chbany –

Google maps: YC Nechranice

GPS: 50° 21”20.11” N, 13° 24”03.52 E



Entry list (19)

The list is updated automatically every 15 minutes. Last update 2020-01-27 00:00:27, sorted from first registred. If you applied after one working day you are in the list, contact IT specialist responsible for Entry List Ondřej Suchomel/CZE 125 on
nr. Sail number Helm Crew Status
1. CZE 11 Petr Storch Tomáš Palkovský CONFIRMED
Mader 2019 + Koenig sails : Konečně si to užít
2. CZE 2 Pavel Pšeidl Pavel Neužil CONFIRMED
Bogumil/2009 + Bojsen-Moller : As always, if we complete, we would like to win. Or do you know anyone who wants to loose? 🙂
3. GER 172 Marc Strittmatter Kamil Zalusky CONFIRMED
4. CZE 125 Ondřej Suchomel Lukáš Pešek CONFIRMED
Mader 2007 + König Sails : No capsize!
5. GER 213 Rolf Albert Axel Priegann CONFIRMED
LastOne, Mader 2017 + König Sails
7. GER 1777 Hartmut Wesemüller Holger Wesemüller CONFIRMED
Hans Mader 1984
8. GER 182 Panse Andrei Hager Christian CONFIRMED
9. CZE 7 Jan Čutka Zdeněk Pavlíček CONFIRMED
Baby on board, Mader 94
10. GER 16 Keil, Karsten Happich, Michi CONFIRMED
Latte Macchiato / Mader + B+M
11. CZE 9 Petr Jelínek Miroslav Hackl CONFIRMED
12. GER 511 Bernd Szyperrek Eric Schlißke CONFIRMED
the flying red/Mader/2009 + König
13. GER 222 Albert, Felix Merz. Lukas CONFIRMED
14. CZE 38 Otakar Ach-Hübner Miroslav Vlach CONFIRMED
kpt. James Cook/Mader/2006 + König - koenigsails : vrátit se do hry s Mírou a užít si letu po hladině nejen tréninkového
15. CZE 48 Zdeněk Lehečka Ivana Korbová CONFIRMED
Fobos + Jelínek
16. CZE 5 Grill Milan Novotný Michal CONFIRMED
17. SUI 1 Stephan Fels Ulf Hügel CONFIRMED
Papu + VMSails : WIN
18. GER 82 Nagel Benedikt Bauer Lukas waiting for confirmation
Troll / Mader / 1989 + BM : Sail fast, drink a lot of beer and have fun!
19. GER 19 Peggy Bahr Torsten Bahr CONFIRMED
Marty McFly, Bogumil, 2009 + König Sails : Give the best!

Link to Flying Dutchman 2018 Eurocup

Link to Flying Dutchman 2017 Eurocup